Watch Appdroplet TV bring your display
to life with the content you already have

Manage content for all your locations
Brands Appdroplet TV works with
Manage your content from your computer
Fast Setup Time
Cloud Configuration
Configure your presentation in under 60 seconds from any computer connected to the internet. Once your presentation is configured, preview it and make it available to all your media players with a push of a single button.
25+ Smart Apps
Easily Create Engaging Content
Drag and drop your favorite App(s) into your presentation and configure it according to your needs. Watch the content come to life with our built-in animations, typography and design details.
Multiple Content Layouts
Increase Presentation Flexibility
Choose different presentation layouts based on how much or little of content you would like to display at a time. Each layout supports content zones which support our Apps.
Stunning 4K Quality
Create Immersive Content
All our media players output content up to 4K resolution so you can create immersive presentations with today's modern displays.
Remote Management Tools
Entire Network Visibility
Easily manage all your presentations and media players within an intuitive customer portal. Assign different presentations to one or more media players to create relevant content for your audience. Whether you have one location or one-hundred, the Appdroplet TV platform will scale based on your needs.
Custom Integrations
Easily Integrate Your Custom Data
If you have content in a system that is not supported by the Appdroplet TV platform, we can quickly develop a custom integration that incorporates your data into engaging content! Our platform supports all the latest security protocols, so you can rest assured your systems and data are safe.

Configure your presentations once and watch your displays immediately come to life
with engaging content

By utilizing the APPDROPLET TV integration capabilities, the platform will automatically aggregate and display the data you already have. There is no need to constantly update your presentations with static imagery or video content. Work smart, not hard and let the APPDROPLET TV platform do the work for you!

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Beginner-friendly presentation
builder with advanced options
for easy signage creation

  • Intuitive Presentation Builder lets you configure your display in minutes.
  • No HTML coding skills required.
  • Use your own personalized image & video gallery to quickly add media to your presentation.
  • Securely connect your social accounts to access your social content.
  • Favorite or exclude social content from your presentations.
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